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Welcome to our program!

PNW-VEG is a collaborative effort that brings together plant pathologists, horticulturists, and entomologists working on vegetable crops in the Pacific Northwest region.

PNW-VEG Objectives

  • Assist with diagnoses of vegetable diseases, pests, and other problems.
  • Coordinate vegetable disease, pest, and production research and extension activities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Provide growers and gardeners with resources to manage vegetable diseases, pests, and abiotic problems in environmentally-sound ways.
  • Publish new information about vegetable pathogens, pests and other problems; and their biology and management.
  • Serve the region’s fresh vegetable, processing vegetable, and vegetable seed crop industries.

A fan of publications covers

Several new vegetable extension bulletins published by members of the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Extension Group are shown above. These publications, and others, can be found on the Publications page.

Photo Gallery of Vegetable Problems

A source of information on diseases, pests, and other problems affecting vegetable crops in the Pacific Northwest.


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