WSU Potato Research Group Capabilities

In-field research

  • Economic analysis is available for any research trial
  • Agronomy and cultural management
  • Plant nutrition, fertilizer, foliar nutrients
  • Variety trials
  • Fertigation
  • Chemigation
  • Irrigation
  • Defoliants and desiccants
  • Weed control efficacy
  • Insect control efficacy
  • Potato diseases

Postharvest research

  • Seed aging and productivity
  • Evaluation of tuber maturity
  • Sprout inhibitor development and efficacy
  • Physiology of wound healing
  • Tuber respiration and gas exchange
  • Controlled atmosphere storage
  • Cold-induced sweetening
  • Glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch analysis
  • Senescent sweetening
  • Dormancy
  • Variety trials
  • Evaluation of tuber processing quality
  • Gene expression

More Information

Equipment (shown for research capability purposes only)